How To Cook Tri-tip Roast Beef Loin

How To Cook Tri-tip Roast Beef Loin

Select “sauté” to preheat instand pot. It is affordable and easy to work with.

Air Fryer Roast Beef (Instant Pot Vortex and Omni

Cook roast in the hot oil until browned, about 5 minutes per side.

How to cook tri-tip roast beef loin. Cook and stir onion in the hot oil during the last 5 minutes of browning the roast. Once it's hot, lightly coat with cooking spray or oil and add your steaks (you can skip the cooking spray or oil if you're using a nonstick skillet). These steaks are relatively inexpensive, but still tender and loaded with flavor.

Cook the steaks uncovered, turning every now and then. Drizzle the vegetables with the olive oil and add the parsley, rosemary, oregano or basil, dill (if using), salt, and pepper. Brown it on all sides.

If the cut has a thick fat cap, score it crisscross to aid the fat to render and prevent it tightening and deforming the cut. Deglaze the inner pot with beef or chicken stock.

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